Interlock USA Introduces Breakthrough Casement Locking System

The new casement locking system from Interlock USA is the most advanced all-stainless-steel product available on the market today. The revolutionary system is engineered to optimize security, ease of operation and flexibility through its innovative features.

An industry first in casement window hardware, the removable cover and handle allow quick and easy installation while eliminating the potential for shipping damage. The removable components are offered separately to minimize inventory cost and are available in both metal and composite options.

The unique mushroom-shaped roller pins minimize contact friction while their adjustability provides maximum seal compression and security, ensuring the smooth, trouble-free operation and safety you expect from a high end locking product.

The system also incorporates a unique self-locating guide that improves performance while minimizing cost. These new guides are designed to simplify installation and utilize the window structure to maximize support.

The high-quality, cost-effective casement locking system complements the entire casement window hardware solution, which includes an operator system featuring all-stainless-steel components and accessories as well as split arm, single arm and awning options; and an all-stainless-steel hinge system featuring a full-pivot design to eliminate sliding friction, and specially designed geometry to ensure maximum seal contact.

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