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Application Engineering

With in-depth knowledge of engineering and design, unrivaled creative vision, and a proven record of delivering on aesthetics as well as performance, our application engineers are the best in the business. We’re known for developing custom solutions to fit our customers’ needs, whether that entails a proprietary solution that is custom-branded with your logo to become a signature component of your business, or a breakthrough solution is needed on the mechanical side to meet your functional specifications.

We use Solidworks for all 3-D modeling and 2-D technical drawings, allowing us to see how our hardware will interface with a complete range of window and door applications. Once a 3-D application is completed, we create 2-D drawings specifying all installation dimensions to give to our customers. With Solidworks we have the ability to export file formats that can be used with most other 3-D modeling programs. We can also export 2-D technical drawings which can be viewed and edited in Autocad.

Our team will help you take your project from concept to execution, with superior problem-solving abilities, a personalized approach and outstanding responsiveness.

New Product Development

One of our key differentiators is our ability to imagine and create hardware solutions that have not yet been built. From inventing the first automatic sash lock system for vinyl windows to creating the first magnetic sash lock in the business to designing a casement locking system with a removable handle and cover, the ingenuity of our solutions has helped our customers gain brand visibility and market share—time and time again.

When you need a groundbreaking idea that is not only aesthetically superior, but also cost-effective, flawlessly engineered and operationally smooth, Interlock USA is the leader in developing and implementing innovative, comprehensive solutions.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Innovative design is only valuable if it achieves optimum performance in its working state. Beyond meeting industry standards, we make sure that our products will withstand the trials of the real world. Testing is a continuous process throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from design and development to manufacturing. From impact-rated in hurricane applications to forced-entry resistance, we stand by our commitment to optimized security and performance in our products.

With in-house CNC capabilities we have the ability to prototype new designs quickly and with high precision. We use special materials to create production-grade prototypes that can be used to test for form, fit and function in a very timely manner.

We go beyond the norm to make sure our products are the best on the market, testing all of our products to minimum cycles that exceed industry standards. We also perform in-house testing to verify customers’ windows will meet certain AAMA standards with our hardware.

Technical Support

Our engineers are always available to provide support and expertise to our customers. Whether you need technical advice on an application, help with product selection, support with installation, recommendations on production, consultation on new product development, or instructions related to specifications, our technical support team serves as an extremely valuable resource to our customers.

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